Sunday, August 3, 2008

My hobby

When people ask me if I have a hobby, the answer is usually "not really".

I wish I could scrapbook, but the time and expense it takes is not really do-able for me.

I also would LOVE to learn to knit or sew, however again that time factor comes into play. I did take sewing in Home Ec in high school. However a cow shaped pillow, an apron, and a pair of shorts was the extent of my sewing experience.

I have a nice camera, and could have a hobby of amateur photography - BUT it's one of those "someday" type of hobbies. Someday I'd like to learn how to use my camera, maybe take some classes, buy some new fancy lens, and take some artsy fartsy photos...someday. Not today though.

So I guess the only "hobby" I can claim, the thing I do most in my freetime, is a form of graphic design I suppose - making "signatures" for people's email, or for posting on message boards. I also spend my freetime going on other mom message boards to share stories, get advice, and just talk to another mom which seems to be a rare thing during the weekdays typically for me.
And on these message boards, you can have these fancy little pictures graphics to sign your name with.
I started learning to make these a couple years ago and with time I got better. Eventually I bought a better, more advanced, graphics program and I think I'm proud of my little hobby that's not really a hobby. haha
For a sampling of the types of "signatures" I make...go here:
(if it asks for a guest password, it's byington)

As you can see, I've been playing with animation and can animate my signatures now to do fun little things like bouncing flowers, or sparkly glitter. I've also been dabbling a bit with a semi-new fad "digital scrapbooking".

I have a whole folder on my computer full of digital scrapbooking elements, like papers, embellishments, etc.

That is another item on my "someday" start making some digital scrapbooking pages. Not as cool as the real thing, but I can print them out and put them in a photo album. I seem to have more time for computer-related things oddly. ;)

So that's my hobby! I hope to "someday" post my first digital scrapbooking page and turn that into another new hobby.


Kim said...

Very nice! I did that for a while with PSP, but then I got into sewing, and just didn't have time to play around on the computer so much. But your sigs are beautiful...much better than I ever did!

Anonymous said...

That stuff is soooo cool! I wouldn't be able to do that! I think every mom has a long someday list.... =)
(I'm signing annonymous again because this thing won't let me sign in!!!) grrr