Saturday, March 1, 2008

This is supposed to be fun?

Last night was the boys' school carnival. Naturally Billy had to work late that night which left me two options: 1) not go or 2) take the boys by myself.

I generally try to avoid anything I can which involves me taking all four boys out alone.

However, it just didn't seem fair to make them stay home because I didn't want to take them alone.

The boys, for the most part, were actually pretty good! However pushing a double stroller, especially when Owen is over the weight limit for it, through crowds of people is NOT easy. It was hot, crazy, loud and PACKED.

But the boys had fun, and that's all that matters right!?

The theme was red, white, and blue and people were supposed to dress up as such.

Of COURSE I took photos! Well as much as I could before it got too crazy, I missed the cake walk though. (We went through the cake walk three times, and won a pie and three boxes of cookies. fuuuuuun)



Brayden getting his hair "dyed" with silver hair spray paint

Brayden getting a tattoo

Brayden and Owen's tattoos

Brayden racing a boy on the straw race car game

Alex racing a boy on the straw race care game

Owen showing off his loot!

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