Thursday, March 6, 2008

Look who's walking!

Baby Billy of course!

He actually started to take steps a month ago, but only very few steps and we'd have to make him walk, he was still too unsure about the whole thing.

However a few days ago, actually the night of the carnival I posted about last, brother had a sucker he wanted very badly. So I took the sucker to see if he'd walk to it.

To our amazement he walked 7 steps to get to the sucker! And then he did it over and over again.

Now I will catch him taking 2-3 steps in between furniture he's "cruising" on or to get to something just a tad bit out of his reach.

He's still not walking all the time or even most the time...but very close!

This video (hope this works!) is of him today walking to me. Sorry it's so short, but I guess I was sitting too close to him! I have other longer videos of the other night, however they are way too dark. My camera seems to have a hard time in low light situations. grrrr

So check out the video and enjoy!


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