Monday, March 31, 2008

Portland or bust!

Wonders never cease! I got a good picture of the whole family, except of course I never like pictures of myself - and I had to "photoshop" myself into this picture since there was no one to take our picture all together.
First I took the picture of Billy and the kids, and then Billy took the picture of me alone and later on my computer I put the two together.

The Byington household is all excited right now! Just a few more days until we leave for our Portland Zoo trip!

I will have plenty of pictures and an update when we get back.

Until then,



Mike and Joy said...

great pic of all of you! That's so cool that you figured out how to photoshop yourself in! I tried it once and it just didn't turn out right!

angelic_devil_me/Kim from iVillage said...

Awesome pic- you guys look great! I need to learn that photoshop thing one day;-)

Misty said...

Bethany, I love the pic! It's GREAT!!