Monday, November 12, 2012

Update in Instagram

Oh how I love Instagram! It makes my pictures look so "hip". ;)

So because I haven't updated in a month - here is a fun update post via Instagram pictures.

Gabe has been enjoying being the only big kid at home with mom. He spends his day playing with his busy bags or following me around the house. ;)

Abby has started to eat crackers - yay!

She also has learned to crawl..

And look! Proof she DOES have hair..

The boys have been enjoying her too in all her girliness. I found her in her room with a tiara on that the boys had put on her the other day...

Also, if you can't tell - Abby is a big of a camera hog. She poses for pictures. I don't pose her. However that could be because she's been seeing a camera lens in her face since birth! haha
(Abby and Nana)

Alex got a haircut! woah! Who is that kid?! Doesn't he look handsome and all grown up? :)

Then came Halloween...

The boys were (left to right) a "hipster", a cabbage patch doll, a rock star, Steve from Minecraft, a dark angel thing, and a fireman

Abby in her church Halloween party (indoor) outfit:

And in her outdoor trick-or-treating outfit:

We got our family pictures taken this weekend! So we should have those up here on the blog soon :)

Until next time....

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