Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family Vacation

Oops a wee bit late posting this - however I had a ton of photos to go through!!
(Caution - photo heavy post!)

We rarely go on family vacations because traveling with five or six kids is hard! Hotels usually don't allow too many kids in one room and its just expensive for food, gas, attractions. Yowza!

This year, however, we decided to take a family trip to Bremerton, Washington to visit my sister and her new baby. 

We also took in the sights of the area. Bremerton has a neat ship that you can tour. It was an actual Navy Destroyer from the Vietnam war. The U.S.S. Turner Joy has now been retired and used as a floating museum. 

The boys LOVED IT! I'd rate this as a MUST DO on your "Things To Do In Bremerton" case you have such a list. 

It was  self-guided tour and much of the ship was available to crawl in, around, and on. to the pix!

Scuba Billy

Even Alex had fun in the Naval  Museum playroom

Scuba Owen

Brayden playing dress-up

Owen playing dress-up

...And Abby too!

Brayden posing

The boys playing in the fountain thingy

Brayden thought these statues were pretty cool

The family posing in front of the ship

Billy Jr

On the ship..going down below deck

Billy Jr in the sleeping quarters

Brayden loved the bunk beds

Billy Jr did too

...And Gabe too

Triple decker bunk beds...hmmm I think we should get some for the boys!

Owen in the engine room

The boys were in awe

The jail for prisoners. Cool!

Billy Jr in front of the medical room

At the front of the ship

The steering area? For lack of better term...

The U.S.S. Turner Joy!