Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kendama Crazy!

Oh boy...that is all I hear every day, every minute, every second in my house! Kendama has taken over our lives!

This is not a new craze though, as much as the boys may think how "original" they all.

Remember these?

Pogs - when I was in middle school "everyone" had a set of pogs to play with and trade.

Then a bit older, the hacky sac was the way to go! Kids would stand around in big circles and pass it around to eachother, or do neat tricks, or see how long they could keep it from hitting the ground.

Then there was the Tamagotchi. I LOVED my Tamagotchi...for about a week. Then it got really boring and the batteries died. Electronic pet things are just too much work for a kid!

The Kendama is a fun little toy in which you have to perform certain tricks to go to the next level.  The kids go crazy over it. Even the school had to make a special coned off area for Kendama players.

I think my son sleeps with his Kendama.

Can you guess what the boys are asking for Christmas this year?

Here is a video on Kendama tricks, in case you were interested. ;)

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