Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cuteness Overload - and updates....

Wow! Sorry its been so long since I last updated. I could have sworn I had updated since my last "home sweet home" post...oh well, moving on...

Things are going well! Baby Abigail is a month old now. Wow! She still sleeps mostly all the time. She does at least wake up to eat, however sometimes she even tries to sleep through those feedings. She only is wide awake for about one 30 min period a day. I love the newborn phase, but I really can't wait until she feels like an actual new family member who is awake when we are and interacts with us. :)
Her last weight check-up put her at 5 lbs 6 oz. That was at 2 weeks old. Yay! She has another weight check-up the end of this week. I am hoping she'll be around 6 lbs 4oz. She should be gaining 1 oz per day or so.  I have included tons of new pictures of her - so enjoy!

The boys are doing well in school. It was a bit bumpy at first, but I think things are settling into a routine. Now *I* need to work on my routine. I would rather just sit and hold the baby all day. :) However, things fall apart fast when mom just sits around all day (sigh). So I'm trying to get one project done a day and do a bit of quick picking up in between the baby's feedings. Sometimes she will let me lay her down for an hour or so, but sometimes she cries as soon as I put her each day is different in my productivity.

Gabe turned THREE! I thought I put a post up when he had his birthday. :( I guess not! I will make sure to update that soon. Alex, Brayden, and Billy Jr all have their birthdays in a couple weeks - so it will be BIRTHDAY OVERLOAD here soon...

Not much else to report, although I'm trying to think up new names for the blog and a new design. Perhaps: Bunches O' Boys and a Little Lady, or Bunches O' Boys & One Girl...hmm I'm not very creative. I'll have to keep thinking!

A size comparison with her Gloworm!

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