Friday, January 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I'm a bit late on posting this...but Sunday we got to come HOME!

But let's back up a bit first...
On Saturday daddy brought the boys to come visit and meet their sister the first time. We didn't know when we could bring her home. Each day was day by day, but we wanted the boys to meet their little sister. :)
They loved her, of course. Each of the boys got a chance to hold her, several times. We had to rotate turns because they were fighting over who got to hold her! She is much smaller then she looks in pictures - so the boys were surprised at how little she is.
Billy Jr's first words when he saw her was that she was "so cool"!

Then Sunday at midnight she had her nightly weigh-in and she had gained a whole ounce! A few hours later the doctors gave us the good news that she could go HOME!

The ride home took quite awhile. We left Seattle around 3pm and got home just before 9pm. It is usually a 3-hour trip. However we had to stop every hour to let baby out of her carseat (because its hard work sitting up right like that for a tiny baby for too long). She had to eat one of those stops also, and that takes her around half-an-hour to finish.

Adjusting at home has been difficult. I've been gone for three weeks (plus a week of strict bedrest in which I couldn't do anything anyway), so saying that our house is in disarray is an understatement.
I'm just hoping to slowly get things back to normal...but it may take a couple months!

In more big news...the oldest three boys went back to school this week. I was hesitant and felt like we were giving our homeschool dream. However, I do see how its important for them to be back to a routine, around other kids, and doing school work. I couldn't imagine doing school work with them on top of everything else right now. So I know its a good thing, but I feel like I failed at homeschooling. :(

Baby Abigail will be 2 weeks old on Monday. Her check-up today showed she's still gaining and is now within 2 oz of her birth weight! YAY!! 
Our schedule is pretty crazy right now. Every three hours I wake her up to feed her, which can take 30-60mins depending on how sleepy she is. Next I have to pump for about 15 minutes. Then I have to repeat the whole cycle again three hours from when we STARTED. This is 24/7... So it was a big sleep adjustment for me at first. I was pretty emotional for a few days, running on very little sleep and dealing with "baby blues". However I feel better now. Each day I feel more and more "human" again and am slowly getting things done.  Like today I gave the little two boys haircuts they desperately needed.  Tomorrow I may fold some laundry. lol

Okay, enough update - TIME FOR PICTURES!

Owen loving on baby sister:

Gabe kept giving her kisses...we didn't tell him to!

Billy jr was so proud!

Biggest and littlest...

Brayden and Abigail:

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Memory said...

This is absolutely amazing and I am so happy for you. You have a beautiful family and are such a good mother. That you managed home school at all is something to be proud of and a huge accomplishment. It shows your devotion to your children. And public schools will be good for them too. We survived it!