Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saving my pennies


I already have a Canon Rebel XT. I love it! However, there are ways it could be better...the new Canon Tli is everything I want!
AND the big selling has a high quality (HD) video feature. My current Canon does NOT do any video. We rarely use our super out-dated camcorder, so we have very little family videos. This Canon Tli could take videos for me, which I'd download on the computer, and burn to DVD's. The old camcorder uses those camcorder tapes that fit into a VHS adapter.

Selling my old Canon Rebel for around $250 on Ebay will knock down my total price for the new Tli to around $500. Not bad!

So now I'm on a mission to save up for this. Wohoo!!


Family Circus 6 said...

Hey! I was just curious what year your Rebel is...and it's not film is it? I may be interested... =) I like to have backups ;)

Lolli said...

I am also a Canon fan! I started out with the XT also and moved up to the 40D last year. I LOVE it! Good luck saving those pennies!