Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boys' Birthday Party

I'm a bit behind here...but Saturday was our annual birthday party we have for the boys. Because three of the boys have birthdays the same week, and Gabriel is a month before and Owen a month after...we just have one big birthday party.

We kept it simple this year with just family who came and cake and ice cream. It was a fun, stress-free, event. Yay!

Here's the pix:

Billy Jr looking through his card.

Our big combined gift to the boys!!

The cake...gotta love Costco!

Blowing out the candles...

Auntie and Owen...their smiles are just alike!

Gabriel loved his little photo book!

Alex didn't know he had this bow on his head until after the picture. haha

After the party was over, the adults played Rock Band. Tons of fun!! My mom and sister singing a duet in this photo.

The whole band, Billy on vocals, Candace (my sister) on drums, and Guy Jr (my brother) on guitar

Love this photo, even though its horribly blurry. haha My dad!

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Family Circus 6 said...

So bummed I missed it!!! =(