Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! I marvel at how time flies so fast and how last new years seems just like yesterday, when I was wondering and worrying about what the next year would hold for us.
Thankfully 2009 was a good year! I just hope that 2010 is just as good, maybe even better!

We spent our night tonight eating junkfood, uggh, and watching movies. Alex and Owen are my little night owls - just like me. Brayden can't stay up past 8pm usually but he lasted until 9pm when he finally conked out on the couch. Baby Billy usually stays up late with us too, but he was asleep by 11pm.

At the stroke of midnight we, Billy and I with Alex and Owen - Brayden joined us later, ran outside to yell happy new year. Lady was freaking out because of all the fireworks and providing us with entertainment. Her fur was all fluffed up and she kept barking at every firecracker. She's in the house now, but is still running from window to window growling. She doesn't like all this noise!

Tomorrow will be a nice lazy day. Yay! Billy will be taking the older three boys to go see a movie. I think I'll take a nap..... :)

I hope your New Year's Eve was wonderful and I wish many blessings to everyone in 2010!

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Family Circus 6 said...

Happy New Year Friend!!! =)