Friday, April 10, 2009

Wall color ideas?

So this summer, hopefully, we plan on finally painting our walls! Most of the house is done in that fake wood paneling (except for the downstairs and the bathrooms). So that means we'll be painting the living room, dining room, laundry room, and both main floor bedrooms which are kids' rooms.

I don't have a fancy cool home designing/decorating program so I used my own Photoshop to just take a picture of the living room and "paint" over the walls with a color. It's very rough - you have to "visualize" what I'm trying to do...

But here is the general idea I'm thinking of: light tan walls with one darker brown accent wall and white trim. (for those that have been inside our house, it's the wall the curves around the left side-if you were standing at the front door, and separates the kitchen from the living room.)

And, this isn't my work but a photo I found on a design website, this is the idea I had for the boys' rooms. White walls with one contrasting color in the open closet (they have large closets, with no doors anymore on the closets. lol) Like the little boys' room could be blue like in this example, and Alex has requested a dark red. I'm not talking about the green storage closet thing, but just the blue background inside the shelving unit with white walls and white shelves. The boys' closets are as long as one entire wall, so it'd be like one contrast wall of another color (blue, or red) but with white shelves.

Any other ideas, thoughts? We also still have to wallpaper the boys' bathroom (which is actually the master bathroom). We already have the wallpaper bought, but we don't know how to start the wallpapering process. uggh!

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Amy said...

They look great! I really like the idea for the boys room. Can't wait to see pictures of it done! Good luck!