Friday, April 24, 2009

Great chore idea for kids

While at a mom's Bible study, someone mentioned a great idea that she had heard of and was trying with her children to get the household chores done. (Thanks Jen!) The idea is to have the children rotate chores once a day so that all of the children learn how to do different household chores, AND the chores actually get done which helps mom. ;) The chores may not be done as I would do them, but they get done good enough.

So today is day two of rotating chores. Yesterday Alex had the laundry. I showed him how to sort clothes, put in the soap, etc. Brayden had the sweeping, which he only got about half done before he gave up in frustration from his brother's constantly walking through his dirt piles and making a bigger mess. (Been there done that buddy! haha) Owen was supposed to be picking up the random messes in the living room and dining room. Note I said "supposed to". And ideally I would have even gotten baby Billy in on the action and helped him put away silverware, or helped him wipe down a bathroom sink...but he was happily snacking in his high chair and staying out of trouble so I let him be. ;)

Today we rotate and Alex has floor duty (so that any crumbs or messes that Brayden missed Alex will now hopefully get), Brayden has laundry duty, and Owen has dishes duty (in which I'll show him how to load and unload a dishwasher). The idea is that the older kids should be able to to the chore themselves, but the younger kids are taught how to do it so that they will know how to do the chore themselves eventually.

Let's hope it keeps working! It may be exciting and new for them now, but that newness will wear off and become a dread for them eventually. haha

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Terresa said...

We love chore rotating in our home. We have 4 young children, ages 7 to almost 2 yrs old. We rotate daily chores on a monthly basis, and that seems to work quite well. Weekly (Saturday) chores are a free-for-all, whoever chooses first, gets the chore they want, according to our family chore chart. that seems to be working OK as well.
PS: found you on Mormon Mommy blogs.