Saturday, April 25, 2009

Apple Blossom 2009

This weekend is the first weekend of Apple Blossom. Yay. (can you hear the sarcasm there? haha)

Billy wanted to surprise the boys with a trip to the carnival tonight. We had taken the boys to the junior high track to run around and have a little fun while Billy and I walked a few laps. That's all they thought we were doing.

They were supposed to have a good day at school today to be able to go to the carnival tonight, but Brayden had bad day. (And I have a meeting with the principal Monday morning *sigh*) However tonight was the best night for going to the carnival as our weekend is pretty busy, and who knows what next weekend holds for us as well.

So Billy decides to take them to the carnival anyway...(no wonder they never learn! lol) And as we're getting closer we can hear frantic whispering back and forth between the boys in the back seat. Billy asks what they're whispering about and Brayden pipes up, "We think we're going to the carnival!" in which Alex quickly says "No Brayden you weren't supposed to say that! You can't keep a secret!". I guess Alex was worried that if they figured it out then they couldn't go.

The boys were SO excited. However since it wasn't a planned trip, I had no camera with me! *gasp* I think Billy planned it that way. He says it was nice this time not having my camera with me and me having to keep snapping pictures. I guess the family is getting tired of all the picture-taking! But hey, we need these memories to look back on!

Anyway, this will probably be our one carnival trip for this year's Apple Blossom so Billy let the kids have fun and ride whatever they wanted to. It was nicer in the evening (it was 8:30pm when we got there!) because there was no lines and not as big of crowds. However it was cold and windy. Brrrr I kept Gabriel in the sling, under my sweater and with a blanket on him as well. He was toasty, almost sweating. And he slept the entire time...another added benefit to going to the carnival at night.

Baby Billy has a phobia, a phobia of loud things. I think it started at the monster truck races at the race track last summer. He was literally shaking when he hear Grandpa Dave's motorcycle start up last weekend. So tonight at the carnival he was pretty scared of the rides, just watching them and hearing them. There was NO way he'd ride any of them. (Besides he was too small for most of the rides). We did get him on the canoe ride, with Alex sitting with him. He started to cry but then seemed to enjoy it...until the water splashed up on him. That was it, he was DONE and screamed until we got him out.

This year it was nice because Brayden was tall enough for the "big kid" rides. I didn't have to ride with Alex this time. Yay! Not that I don't like rides, but these little traveling carnivals scare me. I'd rather ride a permanent theme park ride.

So the first big kid ride that Brayden rode was the Zero Gravity ride. AAACK! I was so nervous. I kept asking Billy if he thought Brayden would be okay. If you don't know what the Zero Gravity ride's like the round-up, or tumbler, or whatever else they call it. It's a giant wheel that spins so fast that you're stuck to the sides and then turns up on its side so that while you're spinning you can look down on the ground. Great fun.
I didn't have my camera with me, but here is a photo I found on the web of the Zero Gravity ride:

Brayden laughed and smiled all the way through it, he's my little daredevil!
Then Alex, who loves all big rides and isn't afraid to try any of them...wouldn't go in the haunted house ride with Brayden. It's literally just a little car that goes through a dark room with little skeletons and "ghosts" that pop out here and there. It's about a 1 minute ride, at the most. But Alex can't even handle the Halloween section at Walmart. haha So Brayden went alone. He admitted that it was a bit scary going alone (no one else rode the ride either) so he kept his eyes closed the entire time!

We ended up leaving at 10pm, when the carnival closed. Geesh! The boys were SO tired that they were asleep before we even got home. I think everyone had fun though and I'm glad our carnival trip for the year is over with. haha

I just wish I had brought my camera! grrr

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