Friday, April 3, 2009

Shots are no fun!

Owen had his 5 year appointment today...which much to his dismay included shots.
I was dealing with Billy Jr (who thinks that Dr. offices are like really cool playgrounds...) and I turn back around to find Owen hiding under the chair.
When the nurse came, I had to pull him out but amazingly he didn't cry or fight us during the shots! He almost cried when it was all done, because he was scared from the whole ordeal I think, but then I bribed him with a sucker. haha

Here is Owen hiding. It was taken on my cell phone camera so forgive the poor quality!



lol! when i was his age, i ran out of the office and hid! from then on the nurses made sure not to take their eyes off me.

Glory of Glass said...

Aww Poor Owen, Daddy use to do that too...........Grandma loves you sweetie. See you on Easter

Kimmygintx said...

OMG too funny! It's all over now, Owen!