Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

Valentine's Day isn't a big holiday, but like most holiday there is always this "excitement" in the air, this feeling that it's a special day.
The boys went to school with their Valentine's Day cards all filled out, and while they were at school I made heart shaped rice crispy treats and wrapped their gifts. We hadn't planned on getting them much, but Billy decided to buy them each a new game for their Nintendo DS'. Then, per Billy's instructions, I laid each wrapped game on their pillows with their DS. I wish I could figure out how to post a video here, because I also took a video of them walking into their room and opening their gifts. I think Alex was the most excited (he got Zoo Tycoon 2) as he was jumping up and down with a huge smile on his face. Owen didn't quite understand his game at first I think. It was Go Diego which he LOVES but I don't think he realized it was a game at first, he seemed to think it was a movie or something. Now that he knows what it is however I can't pull him away from it! It's perfect for his level of expertise.
Brayden got Alvin and the Chipmunks, which is a kids version of Guitar Hero (no guitar though...just using your stylus on the DS). It's really fun, especially once he's started to figure it out more.
Sadly, baby Billy got nothing...but I don't think he cared or realized it! He was happy with just sneaking candies he found in the boys treat bags from school.
Soon the sugar starting to kick in....
Happy Valentine's Day to you and enjoy the photos!


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Kari said...

Hi Bethany! I saw the link to your blog from the october ec message board. Just thought I would say Hi! Where are you from? Just curious with all the s now and the mountains in your pictures! I'm in Utah! Anyways, stop by sometime! :)