Friday, January 4, 2008

Walking in a winter wonderland...

Snow snow everywhere!

And just in time for the boys to go back to school. That's the way it always seems to work though doesn't it? Just when the snow finally comes for them to enjoy...they have to be in school 5 days a week.

Alex and Brayden started back to school after "winter break" this week, and Owen started his first day back to preschool this Friday.

They were all very excited to go back, but I think a little sad that they are missing all this snow.

Today's snowfall brought another 4"! So I treated Owen and Brayden and brought them to the bus stop in the sled today. Yeah it was fun for them, but a LOT of work for me! One baby attached to my hip, and pulling two more behind me on a sled. Phew!

Thankfully it's Friday at least, and the boys can enjoy the snow when they get home from school.

Lady, as well, LOVES the snow. She chases snowflakes, eats the snow, and digs in it. One good thing about it, the snow sure wears her out and she's ready for a long nap after each potty break outside!

Since I don't have any new pictures taken of the boys in the snow yet, here are some of Lady playing in the snow - enjoy!


Kim said...

I'm jealous. It doesn't snow here. We had a killer rainstorm all day yesterday and today though. Our power was out all day. Fun times, huh. You're such a good mom for taking your kids to the bus on the sled. Don't tell my kids or they'll expect me to do nice stuff like that for them too :P

Michelle said...

Beth, Yeh!! You got your blog going! I need to get my rear in gear and get my blog going. Well Lex and Kendra had sleep overs lastnight so there focus was not really on the snow until this afternoon. But I thought it was beautiful to wake up to:)