Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My family intro

Hello friends and family! I hope you enjoy this blog. Often I'm asked in conversation what is new in our household, or what has been going on - and I usually give the same answer "oh not much! just working and taking care of kids". haha When actually our days are usually quite busy and sometimes exciting, although sometimes they really are boring and not much is going on.

I thought I'd create a blog to keep friends and family updated on our life with daily (uhh I'm not THAT ambitious!) or weekly (or maybe sometimes monthly) updates.

For those that are not familiar with me and my family, I'll give a quick rundown on the need-to-know facts....

Dad - Name: Billy / Age: 3o-ish / Hobbies: basketball card collecting, video games / Tidbits: Works as a personal caregiver, and is finishing up night classes in a power management program.

Mom - Name: Bethany / Age: 20-something / Hobbies: Graphic design (amateur), "photography" (very amateur), message boards / Tidbits: Stay at home mom now and loving it!


Name: Alexander / Age: 8, almost 9 / Hobbies: Video games, reading, lizards and Pokemon / Tidbits: Avid reader and would be a video game addict if we let him! Also loves his geckos and researching various topics on the computer. Is in third grade!

Name: Brayden / Age: 5 almost 6 / Hobbies: Drawing or coloring, music, video games / Tidbits: My little energizer bunny, yet most creative of all so far. Is happiest when doing crafts! Is in kindergarten.

Name: Owen / Age: 3.5 / Hobbies: playing with toys and his brothers! / Tidbits: Loves to be our little joker and make people laugh. He lives up to his birth date, April 1st. Is in preschool!

Name: Billy Jr / Age: 10 months / Hobbies: Chasing the cats or puppy, making messes, chewing on little treasures found in various places and drooling. / Tidbits: Is now crawling, and crawling everywhere! Also has started to pull up to a stand on furniture, toys, or mom and dad. Loves his brothers!

Honorary family member:
Name: Lady / Age: 2.5 months / Hobbies: Chasing the cats, making messes, chewing on little treasures found in various places and drooling. / Tidbits: We got her the week before Christmas and have been enjoying her ever since. She already has a permanent place on the couch and is learning quickly and growing even faster.

So that's us in a nutshell! Look for more updates to come!

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karen said...

Ok, had to go through the signup process to even post a comment.
Anyways, this is cool idea for us to all keep in contact when not on the phone doing so.
keep up the pixs tho.
love you