Saturday, January 5, 2008

Walking in a winter wonderland - UPDATE

It ended up snowing 5" when all was said and done. The boys are in snow heaven!

The first thing they did Friday after school was jump in the snow and have a snowball fight while Billy smoothed down the big hill in our driveway to perfect sledding-consistency.

Friday evening, the guys had night sledding (how do they SEE where they are going?!) and I attempted to get some pictures to put on this blog, however the combo of the dark and fast movement proved too much for my hi-tech camera even. It was trying to focus on objects that were gone before it was ready. I gave up after much frustration.

Then this morning, Saturday morning, it was a beautiful sunny day and Billy and the boys decided to build a snow fort with all of our new snow. PHOTO OP TIME!

I got several great snapshots of the boys posing proudly on their snow fort. Unfortunately baby Billy wasn't involved, but I don't think he would have liked it anyway. He hates his snowsuit because he can't crawl, stand or even sit in it (reminds me of the little boy on the Christmas Story movie!) so he focuses on his anger with the snowsuit rather then enjoying the snow. Oh well, maybe next year!
Enjoy the photos! (look at how much of a clear and beautiful day it was! The mountains look gorgeous in the background) You'll notice the last two photos the boys thought it would be funny to throw snowballs at ME while I took their picture!

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