Monday, March 31, 2014

Odds and Ends - Quick Update


I haven't been able to post much on my blog lately. So sorry! After I made it through my last quarter of school, I went on a thinking/writing vacation. I will work on getting back to posting more though, I promise. :) I now have a nice long break from school until the fall.

So some odds and ends updates...

First of all - NO BABY yet!  However, it can be pretty much any day now. Keep watching the next two weeks and you'll see a baby announcement soon enough. :) We still don't know if we're having a little Caleb or a little Eden. When we know - you'll know!

As I  mentioned my classes are over until the fall because I'm taking Spring quarter off. Yahoo! I also made the Dean's list for first quarter, and my second quarter grades are actually just as good if not better! I got a 110%, 100%, and 98% in my classes. Awesome Possum!

The boys are doing well. Its been a rough couple of months. Alex didn't make the high school soccer team that we've been waiting for the last two years. That was a major bummer. :( However, he focused his efforts on a new exciting avenue...DRIVING! He turned 15 and started Driver's Education classes. I can't say I'm not a little frightened by the idea though... He, however, is ecstatic of course.

Next Owen is doing well - super excited to be turning 10 tomorrow!! He's been doing well in school and is starting soccer now. Yay!
Billy Jr  tried wrestling, but I'm afraid it didn't pan out so well. He thought it was fun at first, and then he started losing matches at the tournaments and wrestling lost its "fun factor" for him. Perhaps he was just a tad too young still... maybe we'll try again next year. He should get plenty of practice with his brothers!
Gabe is doing well in preschool and is now officially signed up for kindergarten! Oh my gosh! He's pretty excited to start kindergarten in the fall.
Abby is growing and talking more and more. She may even be done with her speech therapy by this summer. Yay! She refers to all of her brothers as "Brother". No names, they just all are "Brother". Its pretty cute. And she still has them wrapped around her finger of course! She loves babies, but I'm not sure how he's going to do with sharing the spotlight... time will tell soon enough!

I left Brayden until last on purpose, because there is a lot to tell there. Right before Spring Break started he was chased and corned on playground equipment by four kids in his class who had the intent to "beat him up". One of them pushed him off of the top of the playground equipment, in which he landed on his arm. As he lay crying on the ground saying that his arm was broken, one of the kids continued to pick on him and kick him to try and get  him to get up and fight back.  They left him alone eventually but Brayden did end up breaking his wrist - in two places. He now has on a cast for the next few weeks. He's doing okay now and the kids responsible are getting into big trouble. :(

That is about it for now though! Daddy has been busy working and now coaching soccer again! We have some big projects in the works including a new garden and a new front patio/entertaining area... hoping to get that done this spring.

Keep checking back for a baby announcement as well!

Until next time....

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