Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lots of updates!

Oh wow - what a busy 2014 and its only barely just March!

So some quick recaps and pictures (of course)...


Not long after Abby's birthday, the oldest two boys tried out their new snowboarding/skiing lessons. Unfortunately, the first day of lessons resulted in a broken wrist. One might think it was Brayden who broke his wrist, considering how active and energetic he is, but no - it was Alex. At least he got a full day of snowboarding fun in before breaking it during the final few minutes before he was to leave...


Next we celebrated Gabe's 5th birthday! Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures, even though we had some awesome Minecraft cupcakes made for him, because he was sick on his birthday. :(

I also got to take the oldest three boys to a hockey game because it was Boy Scout night. After the hockey game, the boys got to ice skate on the rink for over an hour. It was a long night, but fun!


February is our big birthday month! Because Owen's birthday isn't until April, I decided to take him out and have a fun "mommy/son" date with shopping and ice cream. But shhhhh...I'm not supposed to call it that according to Owen! He says its just an "outing".

Now for birthdays....

Billy Jr turned 7! What a big boy. He also started wrestling (a few pictures down...)

Alex turned 15! Scary how time flies... He will be starting Driver's Ed very soon!

Then Brayden turned 12!

As mentioned previously...Billy Jr started wrestling. He's having a fun time with it, I think. However it may be a bit intimidating for his first year. He had his first tournament and did good in the beginning but then soon was way too tired/overstimulated. He gave up on his last match and when we got home he slept for four hours! (Billy is in the blue...)

Abby is doing good - spoiled as ever. I love this picture - here she is getting horsey rides from biggest brother.

 Also! Brayden got on the honor roll last semester! Way to go!!
 (I had a picture to post..but realized that it says his school name which I don't really want posted publicly....sorry!)

And finally, baby seven is still growing well! We're still on track for an April delivery. :) So stay tuned!

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