Saturday, June 21, 2014

Time to change the blog name. Need ideas!

I thought I had updated here since I've had the new baby. However, I realize now that I hadn't! *gasp*

Well in big news, for those who don't have me as friends on Facebok, baby number seven was another GIRL!  This means that we are no longer Bunches O' Boys and One Little Girl. Therefore, I need to change the blog name and I'd love some ideas! Please comment with some new blog name suggestions.

Now for the details. Baby girl was born on April 7th, which also happens to be my late Grandmother's birthday, who also happens to be the one I planned to name the baby after if we had a girl. We came up with the name Eden Mae after my grandmother Edna Mae when we were pregnant with our fifth child. However, our fifth was a boy so we didn't get to use it. Then we had our girl, yet the name still didn't seem to fit. So we didn't use it.  Now I know that its because our seventh, and final, child was meant to have the name!

Eden is fitting in well with our family now at almost three months old already.  The boys love her and love to take turns holding her. Big sister Abby loves her, but also is learning how to be gentle.  The big brothers have also really stepped up to give Abby lots of extra love and attention, which I'm sure helps with jealousy issues.

I am slowly adjusting to a new baby. I have to admit that I don't do well with new babies. They stress me out and I miss the freedom I had to get certain chores done (like even taking a shower...).  It's like I get stuck in the new baby haze for the first year. After a year, I'm good. Getting babies on sleeping schedules is a big important milestone.  I don't push for schedules so early on though and let the baby lead her own feeding/sleeping schedule. This makes it more difficult to get anything done, but its only for a short time.

You may have noticed me write earlier in this post that she is our *final* child. Yes, this is true. I'm 32 years old and have seven children. I've been parenting since I was 17 years old. I'm exhausted. I love my babies but I am SO EXCITED about moving on to the next chapter of life. I was never ready to talk about being done with having new babies after my fifth son. Then, having Abby, I felt a lot more comfortable with being done having children. Now that Eden is here, I feel even MORE comfortable and excited about being done. I want to enjoy her as my last baby. It was a perfect pregnancy, delivery, and now Abby has a little sister.  I think it's a perfect time to end on a good note.   Not to mention that my boys are getting older, and in three years will start the oldest kids graduating high school. I'm ready to move past the baby phase and on to the raising big kids phase. And I'm HAPPY about it. :)

One more update - Gabe graduated from preschool! He was so excited though that he couldn't keep still or quiet during the program. He was quite entertaining!

So that's my semi-brief update for now. Its summer break here, and as I said the new baby doesn't allow me much personal time (as I finish typing this she's to hurry up and finish!!). However, I will update later with more exciting things happening in our family.

Don't forget to pass along some new blog name ideas!

Thanks for reading :)

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