Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Heat Is On

Oh boy is it ever hot!  I guess that is what we get for complaining about the cold late start summer....

This week has been horrendous so far. It is one for the record books for sure!
I call this week the "perfect storm" - Billy has had to work until well past bedtime all week, Alex is gone at Scout camp all week, and the heat is atrocious!

Day 1 - Monday: One if the boys decided to try out our 911 service. We got two police officers to pay us a visit.
Day 2 - Tuesday: We found out that Alex's brand new bike was stolen. :( I had to file a police report.
Then later that evening the little two boys got into some craft paint that had been put up high. Paint all over my room and bed. :(

Day 3 - Wednesday: One of the boys threw a fit and tossed a broom at the big living room window. Thankfully only the inside pane was broken. We can replace it later then.

Tomorrow is day 4 - I am very afraid!

So I think the key is to keep these little stinkers busy. I am going to fill up their schedule with library craft/fun days and maybe even some Vacation Bible Schools...

In other news, I ran 7.5 miles last weekend! I was on vacation, but my brother-in-law and Alex ran it with me.

Abigail is as cute as ever. She has started rolling over more regularly and I keep finding her on her tummy after nap times.
Doesn't she look proud of herself!

Until next time, and hopefully here's to a boring rest of the week!!

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