Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer winding down to a close


And we couldn't be happier! Summer was fun, crazy, busy, and we are all happy to be getting back to a schedule.

This school year I will have an 8th grader, 5th grader, 3rd grader, and a kindergartner!!! Its unbelievable! Gabe will even go to  preschool two days a week. I won't know what to do with myself. ;)

This summer we didn't go on any big trips but we had a lot of fun still. We went camping, we visited grandparents, there were boy scout camps and hikes, lots of friend playing time, a few fun little day trips, and lots of outside play time! The hubby and I also celebrated our 11th anniversary (and he turned another year older earlier this month..but I won't disclose how old! haha). Sadly we never found Alex's bike, BUT a very generous Papa replaced it with the same type (just different color as the white ones are no longer in stock)....
Alex on his NEW bike...kept safe NOT in the garage:

With soccer season has started again - with three boys playing this year its going to be quite interesting (and busy!)

I can't wait to update in a few days the boys' first day of school photos. They've all grown so much!

Here's a few pictures to catch you up from this summer:

Abby - 7 months old! Still not sitting up alone, but she balances for a few seconds at a time. ;)

LOTS of crazy thunder and lightening storms this summer. We watched a few get really close, and one even struck so close that it woke up almost the entire household. It sounded like a bomb going off! I didn't get a picture of that one (I was sleeping) but someone else did (Wenatchee World):

Then we had my sister's baby shower for little Amelia. Abby can't wait for her new cousin!
However, my sister was on Dr's orders to not travel too far from home. So thank goodness we're in the technological era because we Skyped her in and she got to partciapte still.
Then Grandma sent the boys a special treat and we got all their school supplies! They were happy to go through all the new and shiny packages. We're almost ready for school!

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