Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bunches O' Boys...and one little girl!

We are proud to welcome our little drop of pink in our bucket O' blue....
Miss Abigail, born Jan 2, 2012!

She decided to come early, but we are happy to announce that besides being a tiny little thing - she is totally healthy!

Here is her birth story, and yes pictures too!

Our original plan was to induce labor on New Year's Eve. However, everyone's baby decided to come that day as well! Since I was stable and not in labor, we kept getting bumped from the schedule. All the labor and delivery rooms were full!
We kept waiting and wating and waiting all day. Finally that evening the doctors said they'd tried Cervidil over night to see if that would help get things started. But when the Dr. checked me I was 3 cm so no need for Cervidil! The plan was to use Pitocin bright and early in the morning to start things.
As the Dr. promised, we had a room at 5:30am and started Pitocin within the hour. Not much progress at first, to our disappointment.
I had contractions every 3 min or so but I didn't feel them much. Finally, I started to just get a little uncomfortable and I opted to have them start the epidural incase things went fast.
When I was checked, I was found to be 4 cm. The doctors said the Pitocin wasnt really kicking things into gear yet (labor).
More and more waiting...it was all still the same.
Finally around 9pm the doctors decided to stop the Pitocin for the night and give my uterus a rest to resume in morning. Talk about disappointing!
Laboring all day, to try again in the morning. We were all worried and just wanted her out. :( So I asked the Dr. to check me and see if any progress was made all day at least. She did, and I was 6cm. So they decided to keep going on the Pitocin through the night to see how things go...
Hubby and I went to sleep (epidurals work so great lol). At some point the nurse woke me up to tell me to turn over on my other side and that they were taking me off the Pitocin. I think baby wasn't tolerating it well and needed a rest. I was tired, no problem.
Back to sleep I went.
Then I was woken up a couple hours later with the doctor in the room saying she needed to check me. I thought that was weird since I wasnt really feeing any contractions and they turned the Pitocin off. Epidurals work great. lol I was found to be 9 cm!!

There was a little bag of water cushoning baby's head, so the doctor broke that and had me push a couple times to see if it brought baby down. She was still so high, that the doctor said she'd never seen someone dilated to  9cm and the baby being so high still!
Well that worked and baby came down nicely. The doctor told me to stop and rest and she'd get the rest of the team ready. Now I felt the pressure and it was hard not to push!
Finally, everyone was in place and I could start pushing. It took about two good pushes to get her head right there, and then several small pushes to get the rest of her out.
Pretty easy actually. ;) I felt like a dream..I was still waking up!

 Afterwards she did great and hubby went with her to the progressive care nursery (not NICU) to help with her bath, etc. Took an hour to get an IV in her, poor thing. :( And her hands and feet are so sore from all the poking from IVs and various blood sugar, etc tests. She was 5 lbs 1 oz and 18" long.

She's done great with breathing and eating from day one. She had a tiny setback with maintaining her temperature and had to be put in an isolette (incubator). However, she's getting taken out of that tomorrow and should be in my room with me!
The nurses can't get over how hungry she is, waking up to eat every 3 hours on the clock. They joke that she doesn't seem to know she's 6 weeks premature.
We should be on schedule to take her home by the end of the week...but some things are day by day, so nothing can really be predicted.

So with that...we welcome little miss Abigail to our family! The boys haven't met her yet, but I can't wait for when they do.


~Nicole {Blessed Little Homestead} said...

Such a blessing <3

mamamia said...

Congratulations on your precious little princess! She is so sweet and I'm sure her brothers are going to be so thrilled to meet her.
She is doing so well for 6 weeks early, and you did a fantastic job of bringing her safely into the world. Well done!

Sorensen said...

Congratulations! She is precious!

CrazyMom said...

Congrats~ She is beautiful! Hope you uys get to bring her home at the end of the week. <3

SarahAnne said...

Congratulations, Bethany. She looks just darling! Soooo glad she is healthy. :)