Friday, November 13, 2009

A Bold New Look

So our goal is to get the house, interior, painted soon...probably in the spring. *crossing fingers* However something else always comes up.... haha

Anyway, I'm excited again about planning for my new "look" in the living room mostly. Originally I had thought of doing light tan colored walls with a dark brown accent wall. However, with the cream colored couch we bought, and the new wood floors...that was just too many shades of brown.


So I got the new Lowes project idea magazine in the mail and fell in love with one of their living room ideas. Its so bright. So colorful and so NOT what I would usually go for! However, for some reason I just love it.

I can see so many possibilities with decorations on the walls (which I don't really have now because I suck at decorating haha) and some green plants here and there would go really nicely.
The color scheme would be green/cream/dark brown with some gold accents here and there, darker gold. I already have dark brown coffee tables and a built in china hutch that is the same color as the walls right now-basic brown. However I'm wondering about refinishing it to a cherry wood brown. hmmm
The possibilities!

Anyway, here is the new wall color that I fell in love with and so far, unless I change my mind again, I think its what we'll go for!!


FarrFamilyCircus said...

Super cute! It may be easier to prime and the paint them white or something like in the picture than to sand and restain.
SUPER CUTE though! I'm finding the same problem. Dark cream walls, and now we want tan furniture and it blends too much into the wall so we are trying to come up with a new couch color. Grrr!
Any good chick flicks coming out?

Jenn said...

We are finding that celery green color everywhere in design world also people are using that mocha color too...I love the picture.

FarrFamilyCircus said...

Now I want to paint...LOL. Thanks for the bug! =)
Up for scrapbooking this next weekend (20th 21st)?

Michelle said...

Beth I love that color! It would really brighten up that room. Espicially with as much sun that comes in that room. Even if you don't use THAT color, I agree that color is a good choice:)

SarahAnne said...

Neat! You'll show before and after pics, right? :)