Thursday, September 3, 2009

First day of school

The first day of school was a success, for the most part!

The day started off well - everyone up early, got breakfast made on time (eggs, hashbrowns and little piggies), and got everyone dressed on time. However at some point it went downhill, probably when I thought Alex's school started at 8:40am when it really starts at 8:25am.
So I drop the little boys off at school first and that went well. Owen just got out with Brayden and didn't even look back once. They just walked to the playground and played. :)
However then I took Alex to his school (middle school!) and NO ONE was outside, no buses, no parents dropping off kids...uh oh. I walk Alex inside and help him with his locker and then found a teacher to take him to his classroom.
BESIDES that, the rest of my day was very nice and relaxing with just Gabriel and baby Billy. :) I got some things done and was in a great mood all day!

After school, Alex ended up missing his bus because he couldn't get his locker open. Apparently, he couldn't open his locker all day and had to have teachers help him. :( And then Brayden got a pink warning slip from school already. Owen had a great day though!

BUT it was all short lived...Owen came home with a headache and "burning eyes" and Alex said he felt sick. A couple hours after they got home, Owen was asleep on the couch with a fever and Alex's fever was brewing. He got his fever later that evening. :(
So now I have two kids at home, feeling better, but they've had fevers within the last 24 hrs so I didn't want to send them to school.

Here's to hoping that the second week of school goes better!

And to end this..just a cute picture of Gabriel that I love. That facial expression!


Simply, Sarah said...

:) LOVE the picture! LOL

I hope next week goes better. I also hope the boys get better soon. The strain we had involved repeated vomiting, so hopefully you'll miss that flu, and "just" get the fever one...

nana said...

I wonder if this pix has any indication of what his personality will be...gotta laugh tho....
love to you all.