Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Baby #5 is a.......

SURPRISE! Yeah fooled you...I know how much you all want to know, but only one person knows and that is Billy! I didn't even find out, nor do I have the temptation to find out. I didn't even peek when the ultrasound tech. told me to look away while she was in "that area" measuring legs.

However, on Christmas morning, when I open my nursery and find out -everyone else will find out too - I promise!

My bet though is boy though - because after four boys I don't think it's a 50/50 equal chance of boy or girl like the "experts" say...I think it's more like 90/10 that it's a boy! I think my husband and I just make boys.
So I'd be VERY surprised if the baby was a girl. VERY.

Otherwise, the ultrasound went well - the baby was very active and measuring just fine, everything looked good. Phew!

Until next time,



Mike and Joy said...

That is soooo cool! I didn't know you guys were doing that! I was tearing up thinking about what christmas morning would be like and MIke thinks I'm an idiot! =)

Misty said...

AWWW Beth the baby looks so cute! I am so happy for you! ((HUGS!))

Kim from iVillage said...

Glad to hear the u/s went well. You are going to have one very special Christmas morning!