Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Fun!

Whew! School is out, summer is here - but where have I been? Busy, that is! Blogging has been pushed to the wayside I'm afraid.'s is a huge catch up post. Its hard to believe it is still only two weeks since school got out. We've made good use of that two weeks! I hope our summer starts to wind down, but I've yet to see an end in sight....

Okay - now, updates via pictures:

Abigail was blessed! :) Here she is on her blessing day, dress and headband courtesy of Grandma. Grandma made the pretty dress from a pattern that her mom had made for her as a baby!

Just a cute Abigail picture - TOY OVERLOAD!!

Okay, so shortly after school got out we took the boys for a day hike up to Deception Falls. They brought along a friend too. IT was fun!

After the hike, we went to a reptile zoo. The boys LOVED it...mostly...

Then, last week we went camping and went to a big family reunion. Billy Jr loved helping with carrying the fire wood.

Posing with little sister...first time camping for Abigail!

Nana came by to visit and a deer decided to drop by for a bite to eat also! Nana is feeding the deer oatmeal in this picture.

Then the deer decided to overstay his welcome and almost got into the food in our trailer before we had to chase him away.

Other activities this summer so far that I didn't get pictures of was a fun camping trip to Daddy's favorite place earlier in the summer. It was cold, so Abigail and I stayed at Grandma's house!  Also, Brayden and Owen have done Cub Scout camp. Fun! Alex's boy scout camp is coming up soon...

I am happy and enjoying summer. Everyone is well and we're just trying to get some sort of summer routine. uggh

Until next time!!

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