Saturday, June 30, 2012

My new adventure

As I've posted before- I have an exercise blog that I've been keeping up with also.

Today we did 7 miles!! That is jogging, no walking. Our time was 1:44...just about ten minutes slower then the previous 6.5 mile weekend of 1:35. Yes we could be faster, but after a night like last night - I'm lucky to have even showed up. I saw a quote once (Pinterest, ahem!) that said something like "no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping the person sitting on the couch". ;)

I really had every intent on getting a good night's rest last night before our big run. However, know how those things go.

7:00pm - Went to my nieces' choir concert
8:30pm - Home, and 5 yr old asleep (YAY!) - Began to get rest of kiddos ready for bed and feed baby girl
9:00pm - Still working on getting kiddos to bed, baby girl still awake. Ten yr old and 3 yr old running through the house singing and screaming. Five year old wakes up. Mommy goes crazy. Kids go quickly to beds.
9:30pm - Baby girl asleep YAY! Kiddos settling down. Mommy goes to store to buy lunches for tomorrow's Cub Scout day camp.
10:00pm - Home from store, mommy bribes/punishes 13 yr old with making six sandwiches since he was on the laptop when he was supposed to be babysitting. grrrrr Mommy has to start some laundry for clothes tomorrow and make sure everything is laid out and ready for the morning because mommy's run gets over around 8am and the boys need to be leaving for Scout day camp at 8:15am.
10:30pm - Mommy has to take an online Scout Youth Protection Training because the training is only good for 2 yrs and hers ran and she may have to volunteer tomorrow at day camp.
11:00pm - Youth Protection Training DONE. Passed 100%...hitting PRINT to get my certificate for proof to the Scout leaders...
11:02pm - Computer froze. Must re-do training all over again.
11:32pm - Youth Protection Training done a second time, finally. Mommy can't keep her eyes open.
12:00pm - After some final prep for tomorrow, mommy hits the bed..zzzzzzzzzzz
1:00am - Mommy awakes to a crying, hot, puking 5 year old. His brain hurts. His temp is 102 and he puked in my bed.
1:30am - Mommy goes back to sleep
2:00am - Baby girl wakes up to eat....
5:00am - Alarm clock goes off for mommy's 7 mile run. Mommy turns it off and goes back to sleep.
5:30am - Second alarm goes off. Mommy reaches for last thread of energy she has and gets ready for her run.
6:00am - Mommy runs 7 miles

So yes, I'm tired. I'm not going to lie - I went back to sleep after I got home from running and baby girl had her morning bottle and was ready for a morning nap. zzzz

BUT I finished, and I feel good. I hope next weekend, 7.5 miles, I can get some SLEEP beforehand!

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