Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Baby...Maybe?

So I haven't updated since 2.5 weeks ago...
After my last post, things were going pretty well. In fact I got to go home for a week (still on bedrest ) and we were pretty optimistic. Slowly the boys starting trickling back home from grandparents' houses.  However then Christmas Eve I noticed some suspicious "leaking". Although it was so sporadic and minimal that it could have been anything. My midwife told me to watch and see, so I just kept note of things and laid low.

Christmas Eve night I got to spend a glorious night in my own bed, snuggling with my boys. Christmas morning we had a nice time opening presents and having family time. However, the suspicious leaking was increasing so we decided it was time to get it checked out.

I hoped to be proven wrong.

But instead it was confirmed that my water was leaking...

In my town hospital, they can't take care of babies younger then 34 weeks. Since I was 33 weeks, that meant I had to be transported to a bigger city hospital 3 hours away. I got an ambulance ride to the jet (lights, sirens and all...but that was to not make the jet wait too long). Then the jet ride was only about 15 minutes!

The doctors here are great - so calm and reassuring. After all, they are used to much more serious cases and much more premature babies.

The plan is to wait here, let baby keep growing, until 34 weeks. Then I will be induced (yikes! Never been induced!). We're hoping to avoid a c-section, which should be a do-able. *crossing fingers*

We've been blessed to have so much great help with the boys these past 2.5 weeks. Although the boys are starting to tire of this and just want their normal back. :( Its hard for the younger ones to understand. In good news - Grandma potty trained the 2 yr old while she had him for the week! Yay!

I will be 34 weeks on Saturday, New Year's I will either have a New Year's Eve baby or maybe even New Years! I'm nervous but hoping for a quick and relatively easy birth. I'm really nervous for afterwards and how baby will do. She could be here a few days or a few weeks...chances are she'll do great though. Apparently preemie girls do better then boys!

So that's my update for now..little miss attention getter keeps changing the plans though, so really its day by day.

I hope to have a great update with adorable pictures in a few days!

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