Monday, December 5, 2011

30 weeks down...10 weeks (or less!) to go!

Its hard to believe that I'm in the final few weeks of my pregnancy now. The time has gone really fast. Of course, now, the next 8-10 weeks will crawwwwwwl by.

Everyone is getting very excited. Thankfully we have the holidays to keep us entertained for now. However, once January 1st hits...its going to be all baby baby baby talk.  I could have the baby as early as the last week of January. SO...I *could* say that I "may" have the baby next month! Wohoo!
Alex was born 2 weeks before his due date and Gabe was born 1.5 weeks before his due date. The other three boys were either on or within a few days after their due date. So...who knows?!

In other exciting news, we DO have a name! AND we were going to keep it secret, but the boys knew and they started spilling the beans. To keep it fair we announced it to everyone. Little sister's name will be.....Abigail! Nickname Abi is possible, but I also love Abigail just as it is. The middle name is up in the air, however we'd really like to honor Billy's grandmother Bonnie.

That's about it for exciting news right now. We've been busy with preparing for the holidays and me finishing up my classes (which end the week after next, wohoo!!!!).  I have some cute pictures of the boys decorating the Christmas tree, which I'll post later when I'm not hiding from my homework (as I am presently...haha).

Happy Holidays!

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