Sunday, May 1, 2011


Back by popular request...
Finally a long overdue update in PICTURES!
I don't have much time to write an update out, the pictures took my whole time I have tonight. ;)
But here is the last two months in pictures....Have fun!

We got a new (used) playset for the boys finally. I went outside to take a picture of them playing and this is what I found:

I couldn't figure out how the dog got up there with them, until I watched a while longer...

All five of my guys in the top of their playhouse!

 Owen happy about his Easter presents!

 Happy about his Easter gifts.
 Mr. Serious
 Brayden was NOT a happy camper...can't remember why now.
 Brayden is happy now - dieing Easter eggs.

 Owen's rainbow egg.
 All the boys digging into the easter egg dieing. Some are using the little tools some are just using their hands. ;)
 Super proud of himself here. ;)
 Our final bucke o' eggs.
 Billy was SO proud of his eggs!
 Alex was proud of his dark purple was the result of all the colors!
 Owen's decorated egg...or hands?

Gabe's first bee sting. :( Ouch!
 Billy was really proud of this egg he decorated all by himself. :)
 The "Happy Easter" sign my mom drew with the kids on the back wall.

Billy flying his first kite.

The bunny my mom made with Brayden's help.

Owen found the first egg!

Wasn't sure about this whole Easter egg hunting thing.

Alex entered his first piece of artwork into the local Art contest for kids. He didn't win a ribbon this time, but we're pretty proud!

That's it for now! See ya later... :)

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TheyCallMeMom said...

Great pics! We have a dog that likes playgrounds too! :)