Monday, May 23, 2011

Camping Fun

This weekend was our First Camping Trip of the year.
Much planning and preparation went into this trip. There was no way Billy would cancel it even if the sky was falling, and at some points is was this weekend!
In all though we had a lot of fun, stayed pretty warm, mostly dry, and came home full of hotdogs and ticks! ewww
I'll use the photos to explain the rest...

On the road, everyone was already pooped out.

First stop - Grandma and Grandpa's house for a quick visit. We couldn't stay long though or get out of the car because of these guys. They were all in a "frenzy" (Alex's words) because of the storm coming. See it in the background. The bees are part of Grandma and Grandpa's honeybee operation.

Finally there! The three oldest have their own tent for the first time! Here they are trying to set it up themselves. I didn't think they'd sleep in it alone - they get scared easily out camping. However they did! With some tears the second night though. :(

Billy Jr got out his camp chair and kicked back while the rest of us set up camp.

Gabe was happy with a bag of chips while we set up.

Here is Owen being Owen. ;) He is wearing the hat Brayden won for him out of a vending machine at Walmart where we stropped to get some food for camping.

Alex looks warm!

Finally! Dinner and hot dog roasting time.

Gabe loved playing with the flash lights.

Day 1 - We get up early, have breakfast and then set out for a hike. We decide to hike all around the lake. Not sure how many mile(s) it was around. But it took the good part of the morning. There were some treacherous spots that scared mommy, but we had enough older helpers to hold little hands. About half-way through Gabe (2) was too tired to walk anymore so I carried him on my hip the rest of the way. I did get some breaks when the older helpers offered to let him ride on their back for awhile too.  

A cool uprooted tree we found (daddy found actually).

Our pretty view from the trail around the lake.

On the trail....

Some pretty flowers we saw....Lady Slippers?

A beautiful view of the lake. It was so still and calm.

Finally, the end of the lake. It was very swampy. We still had to hike around the end though and come out the other side. On the other side we walked the road back.

Taking a break first..

The weather held out until the very end when the thunder started and the downpour came. Grandma and Grandpa were waiting for us back at the campsite when we finally got back.
The girls (cousins) were staying with them for a week so they got to visit too!

Drizzling! Warming themselves by the fire.

The girls had hot dogs too. Yumm!

The oldest of the cousins - the next generation. :) The youngest four aren't pictured.

Rock climbing.

Can't get enough of the pig tails. I don't have pig tails in my house. Just rat tails. ;)

Billy Jr and Chelsey got along like best friends. They played together the whole time -  mostly digging this hole and filling buckets.

Uncle Billy (and dad to the boys) giving BB gun shooting lessons.

Gabe! :)

Grandma had the two littlest watching the BB gun shooting from a safe distance.


More pig tails!

Getting ready to go home now. Gabe was loving the dirt.


The Faamausili 8! said...

Love the pictures B. Looks like a great time, poor weather and all. :) Getting me motivated to camp again really soon!

TheyCallMeMom said...

Looks so fun!! I cant wait to go camping!! I love your pics!

Beckstead Family said...

We're going camping for 9 days end of this month and are so excited!! Can't wait! It'd be fun to go camping with you guys sometime. :O)