Friday, February 25, 2011

Nine Years of Nail-biting!

And what a fun and crazy nine years its been!

Nine years ago I became a mom for a second time.

Brayden has been my little energizer bunny since moment he could get down and go places.
Childproofing? Nah, didn't stop him!
Baby gates? Forget about it!
Locked doors? He always found a way.
He's been a go-everywhere, climber, and explorer since I can remember.

He's also very creative and independant. He took it upon himself to ask for a piano and piano lessons two Christmases ago. He loves to jump fully in to whatever he's learning about or doing. If he can't figure it out, he'll keep trying until he does. He's helped me cook dinner since he was high enough to see over the countertops (safely of course)!

I'm proud of who he is - which is his own unique little person. I can see great things for him in the future. :)

Nine Fun Facts About Brayden
1) Brayden was my smallest baby, weighing just under 8 lbs at birth.
2) He is 1/16 Cherokee Indian, according to my hubby. yeah yeah, I know everyone has stories like that...but really, his great grandma was half Cherokee - his great great grandfather (? Grandma Beki correct me if I'm wrong!) being full Cherokee. He tans well in the summer. :)
3) Brayden loves art and loves to make crafts.
4) He loves the piano (but not to practice) and will sit and watch endless Youtube videos of piano performances.
5) Despite his video game crazed brothers, he's not big on video games. He'll play them, and he likes to play them...but not to the extent of his brothers. He loves to just go hang outside by himself...ride bikes, climb the treet, etc. I'm always kicking the other boys outside to go play with him.
6) He is a FAST runner, even outrunning his older brother.
7) He once put the cat in the drier...and turned it on. He was pretty little and I was told about it right away so I was able to get kitty out, mostly unscathed. ;) He did feel bad afterward!
8) He is a noodle KING. He loves noodles. He'd live off noodles every day if I let him.
9) He secretly likes Justin Bieber's music, but don't tell him I told you! shhhhh :) His brothers tease him too much about it, so he'd never admit it.

Now...nine years of Brayden....

Birth Day! Born the night after Alex's 3rd birthday party...two days after Alex's birthday. My first thought when I saw him was "look at his big nose!". He grew into it was just a newborn thing I guess. haha

First birthday!

Second birthday - I LOVED his hair! The only one of my boys born with my thick, long hair. Notice the bald trend on his younger brothers...haha

Third birthday...Mr. Grumpy that day I guess..

Fourth birthday - yes that's a pink diary and pen that he's playing with. Deal with it. ;)

Fifth birthday - Got his bike and helmet! :)

Sixth birthday - Chuck E. Cheese = CHAOS ;)

Seventh Birthday - In the far corner...couldn't get one of him sitting still enough for the camera I guess!

 Eighth Birthday - Same thing, just an around-the-cake photo...he must have been too busy that year!


Happy 9th Birthday Brayden

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