Sunday, February 20, 2011

Four Fun Filled Years!

Someone has a birthday!

 And thus kicks off our birthday madness week (Brayden and Alex are in the next few days watch for my posts!).

Billy Jr was born 4 years ago today. Its amazing how fast time goes.

Fun facts:
* He's also number four in birth order.
* He was my BIGGEST baby at 9 lbs. 12 oz.
* He was due on February 16th, but in keeping with his other February birthday brothers, he came just a couple days before Alex's birthday on the 23rd...who came a couple days before Brayden's birthday on the 25th.
* He has asked for a "blue cake with candles" for his birthday

I will make sure to post pictures of cake and presents later. :)

But for now, pictures from his last four years.... *sniff*

Newborn Billy Jr:

Billy's First Birthday (At Chuck E. Cheese):

Billy's 2nd Birthday:

Billy's Third Birthday:

Fourth birthday photos to come...Stay tuned!


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