Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Long overdue update!

Wow September since I last posted! What's wrong with me! lol

We've been pretty busy with soccer season, homeschooling, and me taking a full load of college classes as well. Thankfully I was able to get online classes this quarter. Next quarter will be online also, however our local college doesn't have that great of variety for online classes. Eventually I'll have to take some night classes at the college. Winter break is starting now though, so I'll get a couple months class-free. YAY!!

Soccer is finally done also! The boys had a ton of fun. Billy coached Alex's team and they both really enjoyed it. Brayden also liked his team.

Homeschoooling is also going well. Its a steep learning curve, but we're getting through it. I keep telling myself that the first year is GOING to be full of bumps and challenges. Its never going to be totally easy, as easy as shipping them off on a bus each morning was. lol However, the challenges that I faced with the public school - the challenges THEY faced - were mountains compared to the little bumps we're facing now with homeschooling. I have never once doubted our decision...if I doubt anything its just the way that I'm doing things. I am constantly trying to look for new, better ways to do things then I am. Its all a big learning experience right now!
The boys are making friends in their school though. Twice a week they go to a "parent-partnered" school that one of the local school districts provide. So on the books, they are offically "public school students" still as far as the government is concerned. What that means is that they get to take a few classes a week at this school that is just for homeschooled kids. They can take one class a week at minimum or up to 8 classes a week at max. We're doing 8 classes a week which is one half day (9:30-1pm) and one full day (9:30-3pm). They are making great friends there already and fitting in great. Alex is enjoying his wood shop, karate, piano lessons, art class and much more. Brayden loves his "Dangerous Book For Boys Class" where he learns such things as how to do magic tricks, make electricity out of a potato, and make the world's best paper airplane (hey it's a fluff class lol). He also likes his art classes too, and karate, science, and more. Owen has a first grade "block" with one teacher who he really likes. Its a classroom setting like he'd get at his old school and I think its really good for him. He also is doing karate and art classes too.

Billy Jr and Gabe are just busy as ever. Billy Jr is potty trained! YAYYYYYY! And I'm thinking of starting Gabe on potty training this next year.

Billy Sr is keeping busy with work, church, and whatever I require of him as well. lol

So basically we've just been....keeping busy! :) I think life would be boring without all this business though. Its our life, and we enjoy it.

No pictures this time! I have some soccer pictures that I will upload next time. :) The bad news is that my nice camera is toast! :( I have a little one I've been using, but it doesn't take that great of photos. This is devastating for me during Christmas season! lol

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Jesse said...

Holy Cow! Your kids are getting so big!

And today I was thinking about you guys and wondered if you had switched blogs or something since I hadn't seen anything in my feeds lately :)