Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010!

Only five days late...not too bad!

Christmas this year came on in a blur and went by in a blur. I don't know where the time went? It must have just been me though, because the kids complained plenty about how sllllllllllow time was passing before Christmas!

Before Christmas, however, Alex had his first piano recital. Brayden had a piano recital too, but I didn't get video of it. :( Here is Alex's piano debut though:

For Christmas this year we had Christmas Eve with Billy's family, Christmas morning to ourselves, Christmas afternoon with my family, and the day after Christmas with Billy's brother and his family. What a busy Christmas!

My camera is gone, broken, kaput. :( So forgive my grainy pictures that I took on my back-up camera which is very old and poor quality. Uggh! I hope to get a new camera after the first of the year. :)

I still was able to capture a few of the super happy smiley faces though!

Billy Jr was SOOO excited about EVERYTHING this Christmas. Here he is super excited about what Santa brought him, which was a police car ride in toy. With real siren sounds!

Owen got an Ipod Shuffle from Santa. He's been begging for one of these for a long time!

Alex got a snowboard from Santa. He wants to learn to snowboard, but we'll start him out small and see if he likes it before we consider spending the "big bucks".

Billy in his little car again!

Gabriel got one from Santa too, a firetruck ride in car! He was really excited in this picture, but its hard to see.

Billy is WAY into Toy Story this year. He was so excited about his Toy Story pillow.

He also got a Toy Story blanket. He cuddled up on the couch with them both! He won't let ANYONE touch his pillow or blanket now...or else its WW III. yikes.

Brayden wasn't quite awake yet, he woke us up about every hour from midnight on seeing if Santa had came yet. He was SO excited. He got an Ipod Shuffle from Santa also!

Brayden was really excited about his Star Wars toy! (sorry I don't know Star Wars that well!)

Backing up a bit - here was Billy Jr telling Santa what he wanted for Christmas at the church Christmas party about a week before. He was very unsure at first, but after watching the other kids for awhile he climbed right onto Santa's lap and started jabbering away!

Gabriel....not so much.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

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