Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brayden's piano recital

I've also posted this on Facebook but I know some people who come here do not read my facebook page.

So here is Brayden's first public debut! haha

He did great, although against his teacher's advice he memorized the song. Of course he can read the music too but its faster to memorize it then play along with the notes I guess. Still though I think he did great having only just started playing the piano 5-6 months ago (I can't remember if he started in June or July!), and also that we have no other piano players in the family.

Brayden has always been the type to just get an idea in his head and run with it. I think its a good aspect to have. I wish I was more dedicated to learning new things and putting my mind to things like Brayden does!

Okay here he is....

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