Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My little helper...

Brayden, my 7 yr old, is majorly the early bird of the house. He loves to get up bright and early.

Well this morning I kept hearing banging around sounds from upstairs (our room is downstairs). Finally I get up at 7am and notice a strong smell -like cleaning products.

There was Brayden, already fully dressed and had eaten breakfast...AND the sliding door had an interesting foggy sheen to it. "What in the world happened?!" I exclaimed. Brayden says, "I cleaned for you mommy! I want to make you happy with me." He has had a kind of rough week at school with back to back Principal/parent meetings so I think that's what he meant.

He had taken an all purpose cleaning product and wiped all the kitchen counters down. Then he had taken bleach and washed the windows. My cleaning products ARE up high and behind child proofed cabinets...but he's a monkey-he's always been my little Houdini.

He was very careful to get after his brothers while they ate breakfast as to not mess up "his" clean counters. haha

So here's the sliding glass door that my little helper "cleaned".

Awww such good intentions!

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Larger Family Life said...

At least he meant well! Bless him.

Tania @ Larger Family Life