Saturday, May 2, 2009

Apple Blossom is over - phew!

No more begging to go to the carnival, again...or begging to go the the food in the park. Actually this year we managed to avoid the food in the park entirely! YAY!
Usually our habit is to head to the park and get lunch half-way through the grand parade. Little tummies get rumbly with all those yummy food smells. However THIS year we sat near the end of the parade route, no where near the food and food smells, and we stopped first at McDonald's (ugg not much healthier though!) and got a bunch of breakfast burritos and a bunch of apple dippers (bags of cut up apples and caramel sauce to dip them in). I was proud to see though that the apples were a bigger hit then the burritos or the caramel. I am not proud, however, to say that the cotton candy and krispy kremes were an even bigger hit (darn fundraisers!).
This year we even made it through the ENTIRE parade, all two hours of it. Usually we tire out after an hour and head to the food park or home. The boys did great watching the parade, and even bought themselves a little toy from the vendors that walk up and down the parade route. They brought their own allowance money and picked ONE item from the toy cart. Can you guess what they picked?
Swords. They all picked swords. Those swords were quickly confiscated after several passer-by's narrowly escape with their lives. Not really. haha They were PLASTIC swords. But the were confiscated due to an impromptu duel in the middle of the sidewalk between the three musketeers.

Once we got home, dad bribed the boys with video games if they did yard work for him. It started to drizzle, but gosh darn it that yard work HAD to get done! Billy and I thought it was time for Alex to learn to mow a low so he finally taught Alex how to mow the lawn. Alex thinks it's fun now...but just wait. He did pretty good actually, and Billy got to move on to other things (like the weed whacking) while Alex mowed. Brayden and Owen tried to pull weeds in the flower beds. Notice I said TRIED. Oh well, at least there was some effort there.
I avoid yard work like the plague. I just don't think I'm suited for it. Never have I mowed a lawn, tended a garden or pulled more then a few handfuls of weeds. I don't have a green thumb. You should see my two pitiful indoor plants I have. Just ask my mom, she'll tell you. haha
So I'm SOOO thankful that I have FIVE boys to do all this outdoor yard work stuff for me. Now if I can just teach them how to seed and tend a garden...I'd love all the fruits of the garden, just without the labor. HAHA!

I don't have any fun or exciting pictures to share. I wasn't quick enough with the camera this time. However I'm going to try to plan some fun family time photo op's here soon so that I can spruce up my blog a little. ;)

Until next time....


Michelle said...

great pictures Beth!!

Amy said...

Love the title picture! Ahh, I hear ya on the fairs being over. I took the 3 younger kids (the oldest was in trouble) and we went to Cotton Days. We missed the parade, but I spent
$10 and they each got 4 tickets to go on any of the inflatable slides/bounce house thingy's that they had. I avoided all the food booths like that plage this year, too! Although the Indian/Navajo Tacos sure lookes/smelled good!! The kids tried to talk me into some home made ice cream, but I told them we would hit ARtic Circle and get twist cones to take home and that made them happy. It was lots cheaper, too. There was a booth giving out balloon animals and you'll never guess what my 2 boys picked. Give up? Swords!! LOL i think they only lasted that day, tho!