Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So much has been on my mind lately....questions asked to me that I wasn't sure how to answer, things said to me that I wasn't sure how to feel about? I felt writing it down in my blog was best, to make it more general and not to point fingers. Because this isn't directed at any one person, but rather a collection of things said to me and things I've felt personally over the last few months.

It makes me think of the popular saying, "WWJD?" or "What Would Jesus Do?"

I think in these days, with so many different churches and types of beliefs or religions - it's easy to lose sight of the bottom line. The bottom line that we all believe in the same God (okay so I'm talking about the majority of, Christian-based churches here) and while we don't have the right or authority to presume what Jesus would really think or say or do....but we can imagine based on what we feel and know of our loving Heavenly Father.

I don't understand why we are experiencing such opposition and negativity - for turning TOWARDS God and choosing to lead a more holy life like God would want of us? Would God want his followers to be so negatively opposed for wanting a relationship with Him and wanting to live our lives for Him?


If Jesus were alive in our days, would he actually tell his followers not to go to a baptism of a child that is being done in a different church then the person(s) belong to?
Would he tell them not to go support one of His children being baptized in His name? I wouldn't think so, at least I would hope not.

I believe in a loving God. A God who loves ME too, and he loves my children as well.

Are we any less worthy of his love or forgiveness because of the church we choose to worship Him in?

In the overall picture...we all believe the same. All followers of God believe the same no matter the church. We believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that's the only reason we have the privilege to join Him in heaven one day...and that to get to heaven we must accept God as our Savior and lead our lives for Him. Everything we do is for Him.

I end this with a challenge. When in doubt, when questions arise, when we aren't sure of the path we should take or how we should feel or believe about something....I challenge everyone to think of it on a grander scale....WWJD? Not what would your neighbor do, or your friends...but WWJD?
It creates a whole new perspective.....

Until next time,



Anonymous said...

I know we've talked back and forth quite a bit on this and I hope you don't feel that we (or I) am against your decision based on the building you worship in. I think you know that...
I just really feel that the bottom lines are polar differences between the christian relgions (methodist, lutheran, baptist, ect) than Mormon. Like I said earlier, we love you guys no matter what and are totally not wanting you to feel "hounded" or attacked. I just hope you realize the difference eventually. As you keep saying "to get to heaven we must accept God as our Savior AND LEAD OUR LIVES FOR HIM"...which implies works. My belief (which IS the bottom line of christianity) is that works are a RESULT of our belief, not in connection to gaining access to heaven.
Anyway, like I've said a million times and your probably annoyed by now ;) We love you guys and only want the best God has to offer for you. I am so happy for all the improvments you have made in your family and I just pray for coninual growth for you all, as well as us and everyone we know to know Christ as he wants us to know him.

Rachel said...

Hello, this is Rachel, Michelle's sister. We are also encouraged by your desire to find the Lord and make him a part of your family, that's GREAT! Here are a couple of questions for you. Do you (being baptized LDS) believe in the Trinity? Do you believe in the 3-in-one. Do you believe that God is the Father,Son and Holy Spirit? Also, I was wondering what is the LDS stand on verse 22:18 in the book of Revelations as it pertains to the book of Mormon? Here is the verse:
" For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plaques that are written in this book"
I think there are many differences in the Mormon church and other Christian churches that may not be clear to you. These are just a couple. I would be happy to continue this conversation via blog or in person if you would like! Again, we are so excited for you, Billy and the kids. Seeking the Lord is the first step...knowing him is everlasting. Peace be with you and blessings,

Michelle said...

I don't usually respond to your blogs only because I would rather disscuss these things in person. However, I am sensing that things are starting to get a little tough or emotional for you, which is understandable. You guys are making big decissions right now and you would like to feel support from everyone. You make some really good points in your arguments and I would love to talk about some of it with you on Friday when we get together. But I just want to take this time to express to you how much we love you guys no matter what. Michelle