Sunday, July 6, 2014

Trying this again...The ADHD Diet

I've researched and read about this so-called ADHD diet before, named the Feingold program. However it seemed overwhelming and I never had time to really seriously try it. Lately, though, with medication issues and more reading I've done, I've taken another look into the Feingold program.
And then I bought it! Then I put it aside for a few months....

Reading the testimonials of how much Feingold has helped others and symptoms it helped really inspires me to give it a good, honest try!
Some symptoms in my boys that I am hoping to alleviate include:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Mood swings
  • Impulsive actions
  • Compulsive actions which include chewing of clothes, licking, facial tics, etc.
  • Other emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, irritability, etc
  • Learning problems
  • Health problems such as frequent headaches, upset stomachs, allergies, skin rashes
All of my boys could benefit from this diet change as I see these issues at different levels in all of them.
Summer is the perfect time to test it out!

I will be journaling our progress here under the labels Feingold and ADHD for easier future reference.

Step 1:
Going through the cupboards and cleaning out anything non-Feingold approved.
Make my first week's grocery shopping list/meal plan
Organize my cupboards (Right now they are a hodge podge mess and we often don't even know what we have available to eat or snack on!)

Stay tuned! I will be posting how week one's meals went next Friday. I think I shall call it "Feingold Friday" for Feingold related posts and updates. ;) (witty I am!)

For  more info on what the Feingold program is all about, visit the website

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