Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas to all!

Well we have had a busy holiday season so far!
Holidays with a big family can be crazy. Organized chaos is the best we can hope for.
Sorry for the lack of witty commentary, but I'm battling a nasty cold that Santa left me. The best you are going to get is the highlight reel. Sorry.

BUT as a fun little shout-out: I wrote an article for a local super-cool magazine. SO check it out! Locals can find it in several businesses around town:

If you are still here after that exciting are the highlights of Christmas season 2012!

Brayden was in a school musical. They did the 12 Days of Christmas, but a funkified version. It was very cute. He was one of the 10 lords-a-leaping. 
(Brayden and friend pictured)

Gabe also had a Christmas musical for his preschool class. They did a mix of Christmas songs including the ever-popular hits "Where is Santa", "Little Miss Muffet", and "Jack Be Nimble". 

(Not Christmas related, but Gabe decided to get into my make-up, as usual. I couldn't resist to snap a pic. He was so proud of himself)

Grandma came to visit after her successful surgery. Here she is just a few hours later, already bouncing grandkids on her knee (well maybe more balancing then bouncing going on).

Next we went to the day after the Christmas lighting in Leavenworth, WA. The day of was packed. 

First night of Christmas lighting: 

We went the next day...much better. Its like Santa's village. I love it there!

Next was the church Christmas party. Daddy had to work, so I did it solo. It worked okay with a buddy system, but soon I lost them all in the hallways playing tag. Oops. Thankfully it was soon time to go following the church hallway tag game.

Gabe and Santa!!

Abby, Billy Jr and Santa. Abby's first time with Santa. She didn't care at all. She was more concerned with posing for the camera, as usual.

Then later in December we got to visit Nana and Papa, as well as Auntie and lots of Uncles, also Great Grandpa was there too!  

(Brayden and new sweet baby cousin)

Gabe was in happyland with his Buzz Lightyear costume and My Little Pony.

Abby and Uncle Sam

Okay, now onto Christmas. For the first year we started a new tradition. Tired of the previous Christmas pasts with Christmas morning photos of half-naked kids or ratty pajamas, we decided to buy them all new pajamas to open Christmas Eve and wear Christmas morning. Yay! Each was hand selected, by me, for each child's personality. :)

(Waiting patiently for their gift. They didn't know it was CLOTHES yet)

Abby with her pajamas!

Boys opening their pajama gifts:

Gabe LOVED his "Wii Mario" pajamas and insisted on a picture in front of the tree. He calls all Mario things "Wii Mario" because he first learned about Mario from Wii Mario Kart.

The whole family, almost, in Christmas PJ's. It went over pretty well. A little fussing that it wasn't toys, but the boys loved their personally picked out pajamas. I wasn't wearing mine in this picture, however, because everyone decided to get dressed right there in the main room. I was busy helping the little boys and before I knew it, it was picture time. The boys don't have much patience for picture time.

Christmas morning I took video. pictures. (Yeah after all that Christmas PJ talk!)

But here is some of the aftermath.

Brayden on his new pogo-stick...

Billy Jr with his "real tool" belt and set. He LOVED it.

And...because I can't resist it. A shameless Abby photo series...

Merry Christmas to all!! I hope your holidays were just as grand. Now I'm looking forward to a fun and exciting new year. Check back soon for our BIG family New Year's Resolution. Yikes!

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