Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy busy!

I'm finally on Spring break and now its almost over! It was way too short.

We've used this Spring Break to totally switch everyone's rooms around. We also finished painting the master bedroom.
We moved back upstairs into the master bedroom and moved the oldest four boys downstairs into two rooms. Alex and Owen are sharing a room and Brayden and Billy Jr. are sharing a room. They'll have the main area downstairs for their TV/games.
We also will be using a corner of the living area/game room downstairs for our school area.

Upstairs we took back the master bedroom and put Gabriel into the former school room. That will be the "nursery" room.

Needless to say, its a lot of work and we're far from done.

At least everyone has a sleeping space right now though and beds are put together.

Billy Jr. who's slept in our bed the past couple years (every since he switched from a crib to a toddler bed uggh) has been in his OWN bed in his own room for the past three days. Tonight we had a bit of a set-back with him falling asleep in our bed again, but we moved him back to his bed once he feel asleep. :)

I've said it feels like we're staying in a hotel or something with a whole room to ourself, no kids in bed with us, new painted walls, and we even got a new bedset to go with our painted walls! We LOVE our room. Its a kid-free area. haha
The boys are loving thier new rooms too, although their rooms are pretty sparse right  now and Alex and Owen are living in the Safari room (the former nursery painted with a whole African safari theme). They all want to customize their rooms and repaint them. Brayden wants and under the sea theme. Hmmmm Not happening. Maybe we can give him some blue walls and get some sea animal wall stickers though.
Alex and Owen want a sports theme, like maybe a basketball court. Again....not sure how to do that.

So that's what we've been up to. SO much more to do! aack I will post pictures when everything is back in its place. ;)

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TheyCallMeMom said...

I love rearranging and redecorating! Its always such a good way to get a fresh start!

I love your blog header.. its adorable!!