Friday, July 2, 2010

Holy Picture Update Batman!

Yeah, so I'm wayyyy behind on pictures, and updating my blog for that matter.

Rather then break these apart in several posts (too  much work, not enough time!) I'm going to do one big long picture update post.

First of all - as you see in my first picture - Owen graduated from kindergarten! So fun! I've only had one other kindergarten graduation, Brayden's. They sure are fun for photo ops!
Here are a couple more kindy graduation pix:

Owen is cheesing out way in the back of this photo. The girl with the pretty dress on just in front of him was the girl he had a crush on most of the year!

Owen and his buddies!

Next we have our first camping trip of the season. It was still cold out, but we stayed warm AND had fun!

Then the next weekend, or a couple weekends later, the guys did a father's day camping trip with just the guys (one of the many bonuses of having only boys...haha) and I stayed back at Billy's mom's house with the two littlest boys and we had fun just hanging out and playing with the babies! Much cleaner then camping, and a bit more fun too. haha

Gabriel was SO worn out from playing hard, look at him just laying there in Grandma's lap!

Gabriel and Billy Jr playing in Grandma's fountain

Love these pix - here they are playing with their daddy's old toys

My favorite pic though - the original size is cooler - but I love the colors of the garden and the way the sun is shining through Billy's crazy hair. lol

Okay, that's all the pix for now. Not too bad! I have more pictures from the boys' school picnic on the homeschooling blog though - check them out here:

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