Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Owen!!!

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Happy 6th Birthday to my little April Fools Day baby! And boy did God play a trick on us when he was born. A normal pregnancy, and normal and easy delivery with him - ON his due date, 4-01-04 (to be fair, I was sort of induced though!). He was the most beautiful baby I had and he even started nursing right away without any struggle.
But then everything went wrong and soon after they took him to the nursery, Billy came to tell me that something was wrong with him (I won't post WHAT it was here, it would embarrass him lol but many of you know already). He said that he would need to be flown to Children's Hospital and probably have a colostomy bag for a few months or more (a bag that collects the stool because the intestine is re-routed to a spot in your abdomen-area..I think that best describes it).  I thought it was a big April Fools Joke. I told him that was very nice to pull on a mom recovering from just having her new baby. But then he said he was serious and the doctor came in too. 

Owen was to have surgery maybe later that day or the next day. Billy went with him to Children's (they ended up taking an ambulance). I went home, 4 hrs after giving birth, and packed Billy's and my bags. My parents drove me to Seattle to be with them. As I've said before, it was a weird feeling to be running into a McDonalds just 5hrs after I had given birth and not knowing how my baby as doing or exactly where he was. 
To make a long story short, he had the surgery at 2 days old and it went very well and amazingly all tests showed no other problems and only the surgery was going to be needed. No colostomy bag either! We went home a couple days later like nothing happened.
It was a scary first couple days but all was fine in the end. Of course no one believed  us when we told them what was going on when he was born. Most people thought it was a bad April Fool's joke! haha

Now Owen is my little jokester and the family clown! I'll post a video of him in the hospital that Billy wanted me to post.

Owen at Children's - after the tubes on his face had been removed. Papa holding him.

Owen just a few days old...I love this photo!

 Owen three months old

Owen's first birthday

Owen's 2nd birthday

Owen's 3rd birthday

Owen's fourth birthday

Owen's 5th birthday

Owen is six!

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