Friday, March 5, 2010

Why must everything be a competition?

Its comical to watch the boys compete over everything, and sometimes its annoying.

I have learned to always make sure that everything is equal, that they all get the same things at the same time or else major drama ensues.

Sometimes though I slip up. Yes, I'm not perfect. haha

At Target they had these fabulous dollar bargain kids plates. The plates came in a variety of characters - the Hulk, Iron Man, and sharks. I got five plates and for some reason only got ONE of the shark plate - the other four plates were two Hulk and two Iron Man.

You guessed it....the shark plate has become the major prize that each boy fights for at each meal time. They literally  have contests to see who gets the "shark plate" that night. Sometimes, usually, it ends with one boy in tears. Oh dear.

I think I need to just make a trip to Target and hopefully they'll have more of those dollar bargain plates. Then I'll buy a whole stack of shark plates and there will never be any more fighting again....

Yeah right! haha

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