Sunday, July 26, 2009

On the path to the temple

I also have a private blog that is basically my electronic journal. It's where I write down personal thoughts and feelings I have related to our faith-finding journey.
I wanted to post about some BIG plans we've been making that I've neglected to really talk about here because this is a public blog and many different people read it. However it is a really big thing and a big part of our life so I'm going to post a bit about it here too.
Here is an excerpt from my private "Finding Faith" blog....

"....I've grown a lot in the last year. No longer am I doing this for my family only but for MYSELF as well. I now realize the importance of it all and my testimony is growing stronger everyday. Everything makes sense, everything fits and it's like a giant light bulb...has gone on and lit my way. I still have a lot to learn because life is a never ending lesson and I will always have more to learn. However, I feel that my faith is stronger and my doubts are gone. I'm not nervous for the temple, nor do I feel unworthy. Rather, I can't wait to go and I feel Heavenly Father all around me."

I've posted a little bit before about our temple plans but things are finally set in motion and in a little over two weeks we'll be going through the temple to be sealed as a family.

What does that mean?

Here is a short (three minute) video that's very cool on temples and why we build them:

When we are sealed as a family, it means that we are being sealed, or bound, together as an eternal family - that death will not part or end our marriage. We will be married for all eternity as well, and we will all be together in heaven as a family.

As I said before, this is a big thing and an important thing to us. We are very excited.

It's been a long, (VERY long if you account for the time before we joined the church), journey to get here with opposition and trials along the way. However, it makes us appreciate it that much more and learn and grow from the hurdles we had to overcome. With lots of prayer it has all worked out and we're all set finally to go, together, as a whole family. :)



Jesse said...

I'm so excited for your family. I know the temple is a blessing from God for His children, and I really do look forward to you guys going through. Hopefully I'll get to go to the temple with you guys sometime too!


i'm soooo happy for you guys, a couple in my temple prep class just went and were sealed with their children, the next sunday the whole was absolutely glowing with joy. i hope you have just as amazing time as they did. good for you. i know Heavenly Father is so happy about your new lives.

Misty said...

Bethany I am so excited for you and your family! I got to go watch my sis and her hubby and baby girl get sealed in june and it was wonderful! I wish you were closer! :( I can't wait for you guys!!! HUGS!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled for you and your family and so happy you've made this incredible choice and have been taking the steps necessary to get to the temple. What a blessing it will be for all of you. I hope my friend will be one of the assistants to help your family as you have this very special day in the House of the Lord.
Blessings to you and your family!